Photoshop & Illustration

Commercial Advertisement - Digital Imaging (2015) The head of the guy is originally straight. I made his head as he's looking down by using the mesh tool in photoshop. The hair is actually a woman hair, I made sure to take off the background and place the hair on the back of the guy's head. I could mask the hair with his head to make it look more natural. I also changed the color of the guy's glasses by using the brush tool. I kept the original orange background, then I placed a Pantene Shampoo to complete the advertisement. I made an artificial shadow on the background of the image.
Advertising Flyer - Digital Art 2015 - Converting Arabic fonts to English font; I used the Arabic letters and flipped them in a way to look like English letters, then I used a mask to cover the letters with a fabric. I also used a mask to cover the real background of the little girl and placed her on a black background. The used font is simple sans serif.
Astral Projection - Digital Imaging (2015) The dancing girl originally had a red dress. I painted the dress red. Also the light coming out from the dancer's back is artificial. The text is bent and used on a vector. The original color of the pillow of the sleeping girl is red. I had to make it dark to blend in with the rest of the picture. I really had fun doing the image
A logo for a Telecommunication Company located in Jordan (2009)
A flyer promoting a play performed by deaf people (2015)
Logo by Dr. Fish Company for Beauty Supplies and foot spa. (2009)
Dallas Calligraphy - Vector Digital Design 2015 done by Photoshop. After I used the vector pen to outline the Dallas city, I converted it to selection, then I've made the background and the base. The birds and the curls are done by the brush.
This image was done in photoshop. The frame should serve as a story board. Different images was taken of a woman and put together. I used the brush to change colors and make them match together.
Logo done for a telecommunication company (2009
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